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‘Pirates Of the mausoleum’

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  AAARRRGGG- Join the mutiny as Captain Garth Hooks takes over the pirate ship named ‘Unsinkable 2”. The former captain Rogue Rage Pegleg has turned over a new leaf. She even changed her name (and everything else about herself) Rogue is now ‘Rose-a-ree’ & she’s no longer plundering for treasure but storing her treasure up the stairway to heaven, she may be cashing in before she knows it! Wait, what happened to her first pirate ship- ‘The Unsinkable’?! Maybe it wasn’t so unsinkable…is that how First Mate Black Jack Bootleg turned into shark bait? AYE! We’ll be needin’ to find a new first mate, only problem is the choices are a rum-lovin’ charming Mack Sparrow and a… this can’t be right…a MERMAID named Luna Booty? You don’t want to miss this eye-patch wearing, fin flippin’ good ole time! Come find out WHO will DIE... and WHO DUN IT?

**inside info** The hardest thing our actors have experienced at rehearsals is trying to get through their scenes without cracking up!!  

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The award winning Whodunit Dinner Theater  has been 'killin it'  since 1991.  Whodunit was named 'Top 50 Comedy Troupes In America' by clickit tickets and won top 5 in OKC Gazette's Best Of Okc.  If it's quality you are looking for you have found the states BEST & longest running comedy murder mystery dinner theater! 

We are available for private shows for your big or small group!  Great for corporate team building, holiday parties, fund raisers- school, church or group, volunteer appreciation events, company parties, family reunions, church parties, and school events at any location of your choosing!  Our public shows are performed at Cattlemen's Steakhouse Event Center 1309 S. Agnew and Teds Escondido Event Center 6900 N. May.  Whodunit has created the perfect balance of professional actors and audience involvement! 


Whodunit Events typically last from 6:15-9:15 tickets are $48 for adults $24 for kids price includes complete meal and show. Alcohol drinks are available separately at all locations.  Get your tickets & check out dates, locations & menu's  by clicking  from our menu above!


Whodunit is perfect for your group or private event!  Holiday, corporate, church, school & fundraising events are made unforgettable when you choose the award winning Whodunit Dinner Theater!  Click on 'private shows' above or call 405-420-3222 and book yours today!


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Whodunit Dinner Theater features scripts written by Oklahoma playwright Terri Myers.  Our acting staff puts their talented touch on each script making every performance original, amazing, memorable and different from the next.