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‘Pirates Of The Mausoleum’

2019 spring season pirates whodunit-1.jpg

    AAARRRGGG- Join the mutiny as Captain Garth Hooks takes over the pirate ship named ‘Unsinkable 2”. The former captain Rogue Rage Pegleg has turned over a new leaf. She even changed her name (and everything else about herself) Rogue is now ‘Rose-a-ree’ & she’s no longer plundering for treasure but storing her treasure up the stairway to heaven, she may be cashing in before she knows it! Wait, what happened to her first pirate ship- ‘The Unsinkable’?! Maybe it wasn’t so unsinkable…is that how First Mate Black Jack Bootleg turned into shark bait? AYE! We’ll be needin’ to find a new first mate, only problem is the choices are a rum-lovin’ charming Mack Sparrow and a… this can’t be right…a MERMAID named Luna Booty? You don’t want to miss this eye-patch wearing, fin flippin’ good ole time! Come find out WHO will DIE... and WHO DUN IT?

Whodunit is great for gift giving now- nothing is better than giving experiences- Whodunit is a great all-in-one night of fun!

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