What will ringmaster Mike Rofone and his wife Liza Millennial, the singing bearded lady, do when their circus burns down and they have to start all over?  Drama unfolds as the trapeze artist Holly Would starts cat fights and Holdin Illusions,the circus magician, has his eyes on taking over the center ring.  We'll meet Honey BooHoo the (Not Scary) clown and find out why he changed his name from Honey WooHoo while we admire the strong man and tattooed lady.  WHO will DIE... and WHO DUN IT?

**inside info** The hardest thing our actors have experienced at rehearsals is trying to get through their scenes without cracking up!!  


10/19 & 12/7 at Cattlemen's Steakhouse
 11/9 &12/11 at Teds Escondido

2019 dates to be announced
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