Now playing!  The hilarious, 50's theme 

'Happy Daze Homicide!'


"Happy daze homicide!"

Welcome to the Happy Daze high school class of 1955 10 year reunion!  When you arrive you'll be watching then judging a dance contest to determine the king and queen of the reunion.  Hopefully none of our classmates get 'knocked off' at the sock hop!   

Grab your poodle skirt, leather jacket and roll up those jeans!  It's time to go to the sock hop; let's just hope that nobody gets knocked off!  (dressing up is not required but sure is fun!)

'Happy Daze Homicide' playing
Friday February 10th Teds Escondido
Tuesday Feb 14  (Valentines Day!) Cattlemen's Steakhouse
Saturday February 18th Teds Escondido
Friday March 24th Teds Escondido
Friday April 14th Teds Escondido
Friday April 21st Cattlemen's Steakhouse


Happy Daze Homicide is our Whodunit format- we have 7-9 actors perform the show for you with volunteers from the audience being used for fun simple involvement as in reading names out of an envelope or being included in a dance number.  Lots of fun for everyone!



'Victim Of Retirement'  &  'A Grand Murder' 

(available for private shows only) 405-420-3222

These is our 'Youdunit format' show, where YOU could be the murderer!! :) No prep for props or costumes needed on your end, just book your show, show up and get ready for some fun, laughs and a MURDER!! several people at each show will be a character in the show, don't worry- you won't DIE...or will you...anywho, it's easy and fun- we'll even have your props and costume!   Book your house party, company party, church group or fund raiser today!  


 Our YOUdunit format where YOU could be the murderer!!  3-4 actors perform the show for you and include 3-8 audience members as actual parts in the show.  No prep needed, we have the costumes & simple scripts- just book your spot, show up and get ready for some fun, laughs and a MURDER!!