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Showdown! AT Madam Yahoo's Saloon! Ted Escondido North $50

Oklahoma's original and BEST Murder Mystery Theater presents...   SHOWDOWN AT MADAM YAHOO’S SALOON!

The wild west is alive again in Boneyard Gulch (Oklahoma Territory), where, at the notorious Madam Yahoo's Saloon, a town meetin' is being held this very evening to elect a new mayor. Not that there's anything wrong with the old mayor. In fact, incumbent Angus Bovine is on the ballot, determined to put opponent, the School Marm, "Miss" Fanny Swatter, in her place once and for all. But don't worry about any trouble breakin' out, 'cos Marshal Law and Deputy Willie Jitters will be there to maintain order...well, at least they'll be there. Please come to the meetin', we need all the registered voters (or non-registered, we're just not real fussy in Boneyard Gulch) we can get!! As in all WHODUNIT presentations, guests can test their own crime solving abilities by piecing together the evidence and unraveling the mystery!

Tickets are $50 each and include dinner, show, taxes and food gratuity! Click 'reserve' above or call 405-420-3222